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RETINA Roundup is excited to announce that we will start coverage of international conferences, in addition to our usual US-based meetings. Our first in-depth international meeting coverage brings us to Delhi, India!

Delhi Retina Meet (DRM) is the annual gathering of retina specialists from across India and Southeast Asia featuring a panel of both domestic and international speakers. DRM is known for its interactive, discussion-oriented format, and it promotes candid discussions on the latest developments in both medical and surgical retina.

Delhi retina forum (DRF) is the society which organises the DRM. The group started in 2011, initially as a platform with an aim to fulfil the unmet need of young retina specialists across India to have an informal medium to discuss challenging cases. This platform is a mix of seasoned senior retina specialists as well as many young retina specialists, and now has more than 500 members. Small quarterly meetings soon became popular and ultimately led to the first Annual National Meeting in 2016.

DRM’s popularity has grown manifold thanks to its unique, innovative sessions, which include:

Prove Your Point: Young retina specialists showcase and test ‘beta’ versions of their innovations and techniques.
Dissection Hall: Surgical topics are dissected and discussed in detail along with field updates.
Grand Rounds: Unusual cases are discussed to learn valuable lessons.
Best of DRM: To recognize members for recent publications and research endeavors.
Workshops: Small group interactive sessions focussed on surgical techniques, imaging, and diagnostics.

This year a hybrid session on innovations in collaborations with Dr. Prithvi Mruthyunjaya and his team from Stanford University took place as well.

Read on for more detailed coverage of select sessions from this unique and exciting conference, showcasing the breadth of knowledge and depth of experience of our talented Indian colleagues.

1. Prove Your Point: New Surgical Techniques
2. Dissection Hall: Retinal Detachment Surgery
3. ROP Workshop
4. Endophthalmitis Session

Please enjoy,

Yoshihiro Yonekawa
RETINA Roundup Editor

DRM Organizers
Daraius Shroff
Deependra Singh
Rajeev Jain
Ritesh Narula
Shashank Rai Gupta
S.P. Chaudhary