RETINA Roundup is Back!

We’re back!  

After a hiatus to upgrade the backend of our website, we are delighted to announce the return of RETINA Roundup. 

We are back in full force to deliver high impact and timely meeting updates, academic manuscript highlights, historical perspectives, drug and device developments, relevant interviews and more from the world of RETINA.

RETINA Roundup is excited to welcome David Xu, MD to the editorial team, who will bring not only medical expertise but also exceptional technical skills to help deliver content that is both meaningful and easy to access. Stay tuned for several other new editorial members who will be joining the team very soon.

We have truly missed being part of your inbox, and look forward to gracing your screens and hopefully seeing you in person, once again.

Next up will be coverage of the 2021 Vit Buckle Society annual meeting, Episode 1, “The Force Awakens.”


RETINA Roundup Editors

Eric, Jonathan, and Yoshi