Nantucket Retina 2017

On July 26-28 retina specialists and trainees gathered on Nantucket Island for the 31st meeting of Nantucket Retina ( The meeting, organized by Drs. Charlie Barr, Don D’Amico, Szilard Kiss, Mike Lambert and Craig Sklar, included talks on a wide range of topics from telemedicine, to new retinal tamponade technology, to developing animal models for AMD.

Nantucket 2017-2

Dr. Neil Bressler spoke about his views on how artificial intelligence will transform the practice of retina within 5-10 years. He detailed his work, and the work of others including Google, to develop highly sensitive and specific mechanisms of computer-based diagnosis. He suggested that in 5 years, retina physicians may be seeing patients in clinic who were referred in from computers who diagnosed pathology in screening centers.

Dr. Rick Spaide spoke about his work on characterizing different types of drusen and how their formation related to choroidal thickness. Based on his work, one could more accurately predict a given patient’s choroidal thickness by looking at the type of drusen rather than by looking at their genetics.

Nantucket 2017-1

Participants enjoyed the banter and light-heartedness of the discussion which is always a key part of the Nantucket meeting. Great fun was had at the annual Clam Bake, which is a tradition for retina surgeons and their families alike. Next year’s meeting will be in late July 2018. The only requirement for participation is that all participants present.

James (Tony) Stefater, MD, PhD

First Year Vitreoretinal Surgery Fellow
Mass Eye and Ear, Harvard Medical School

Tomasz Stryjewski, MD, MPP
Chief Resident, Director of Trauma Service
Mass Eye and Ear, Harvard Medical School