Welcome to the Atlantic Coast Retina Club: Lawrence Yannuzzi and Carol Shields

Nemo Patel, MD Ophthalmology Resident Bascom Palmer Eye Institute The Fellows' Foray has become one of the favorite traditions of the meeting, where fellows showcase their best surgical videos that lead into lively discussion. There were a record number of submissions, and the top 20 videos received travel grants to the meeting, and the top 8 videos were presented. Dr. Aleksandra Rachitskaya and Dr. Anton Orlin were the organizers of this special session. The discussants were Drs. Netan Choudhry, Amani Fawzi, Liteh Wu, Christina Weng, Carl Regillo, and Paul Han. The night kicked off with a reception on the terrace of the Fontainebleu hotel, followed by the presentations. Dr. Camila Ventura from Brazil introduced a new video competition for international fellows. Dr. Crim from Mexico won the international video contest and showed us an interesting case of an extensive diabetic traction retinal detachment that required a 360 degree retinectomy. The subsequent discussions included Dr. Maria Berrocal suggesting the option of using a scleral buckle for anterior traction. IMG_4395 The North American fellow presentations started with Dr. Almansori from Montreal. She showed a case with her mentor Flavio Rezende, illustrating the use of an RPE/choroidal graft in the sub-retinal space for a massive macular hemorrhage resistant to anti-VEGF in an anti-coagulated patient with polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy. There were many opinions in the audience of the best management for this scenario, including the possible use of pneumatic displacement, and continued anti-VEGF injections. Dr. Cernichiaro from Mexico wowed the audience with a case of a sub-conjunctival tattoo there the needle penetrated the sclera and tattoo'd the vitreous. Dr. Chee from Chicago presented a case of removal of a very large intraocular nail that required a nail cutter. Miraculously the patient returned with 20/25 vision. Next, Dr. Saraf from Washington had a video of drainage of sub-retinal fluid in a serous retinal detachment after uveitis with a checkpoint inhibitor. There was a discussion on which cases of serous retinal detachment could be approached with surgery. IMG_4414 Dr. Sebrow from New York showed a repair of a funnel retinal detachment after an open globe injury, which required extensive membrane peeling. Dr. Shah from New York was praised for the use of a flex loop as a curette to biopsy sub-retinal lesions in a case of lymphoma. Dr. Soliman from Ottawa showed us an ILM free flap technique for closure of a chronic macular hole. This sparked a discussion on his interesting technique of sandwiching the flap between viscoelastic to keep it in place during the fluid air exchange. Finally, Dr. Yap of Toronto treated a chronic retinal detachment with a sub-foveal band by gentle removal of the large band. Dr. Cernichiaro won the competition with her vitrectomy video to clear intraocular tattoo pigment and took home the trophy buckle. Congratulations! RETINA Roundup VBS VI Coverage: 3/27/2018  VBS VI: Historic Delivery of Gene Therapy for LCA 3/27/2018  VBS VI: Surgical Adventures - Curing One Eye at a Time 3/26/2018  VBS VI: Retinaws 3/26/2018  VBS VI: Complications Session 3/26/2018  VBS VI: Women of VBS Breakfast 3/26/2018  VBS VI: Endophthalmitis Session 3/25/2018  VBS VI: Retina Caliente 3/25/2018  VBS VI: Lifetime Mentorship Award: Jay Duker 3/24/2018  VBS VI: Surgical Adventures - Bridging the Gap 3/24/2018  VBS VI: Real World Retina - Practice Management, Private Equity, Advice for Young Retina Specialists 3/24/2018  VBS VI: Medical Retina 3/24/2018  VBS VI: Live Surgery Session 3/23/2018  VBS VI: Fellows' Forray 3/24/2018  VBS VI: Welcome to Miami