The LADDER Trial

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Alexander J. Brucker, MD

Editor-in-Chief, RETINA and Retinal Cases & Brief Reports

Today, we introduce a new publication from the editors of RETINA. The vitreoretinal space has been evolving at an astounding pace over the recent past, that continues to accelerate, with meaningful advances in surgery, imaging, gene therapy, drug delivery systems, to name a few. The journal RETINA has delivered numerous peer reviewed publications that have contributed to these advances, and we will continue to have an integral role in our field's growth.

With the ubiquity of web-based access to real-time information, we feel that now is an opportune time to extend our reach to the readership and all those with a passion for vitreoretinal diseases. RETINA Roundup will upload open source blog posts regarding various topics in our field, including conference briefings, publication highlights, industry news, healthcare policy updates, technology reviews, and once a month, we will be featuring a paper from RETINA. We hope that you will enjoy this new, exciting project.

Three of our assistant editors will curate and post to our new blog.  As the content matures, we look forward to a lively, interactive forum for information transfer and sharing of opinions.  RETINA Roundup should complement the journal in spirit and academic level, but do so in real-time format to allow for rapid sharing of ideas.

We greatly look forward to the effort and early editions of RETINA Roundup, and hope that you will engage with the blog going forward.

Best Wishes, Sandy