FDA Approves Luxturna Gene Replacement Therapy: Discussion with Rachel Huckfeldt and Jacque Duncun

Yoshihiro Yonekawa Mass Eye & Ear / Boston Children's RETINA Roundup Editor Welcome to the RETINA Roundup coverage of the 2018 annual Vit-Buckle Society (VBS) meeting. The VBS meetings have been huge successes for a relatively new meeting, noted by leaps of growth each year. This year is the 6th annual meeting with a record number of participants and faculty, and we are in Miami Beach, Florida. The co-chairs of the meetings are Charlie Wykoff and Aleksandra Rachitskaya. [caption id="attachment_media-185" align="alignnone" width="4032"]IMG_4397.JPG Drs. Wykoff and Rachitskaya with introductory remarks[/caption] So what makes VBS special, when our calendars are saturated with retina meetings that seem to take place every week? The unique focus of VBS is on vitreoretinal surgical education with active discussion and learning, and embracement of both new techniques and time-tested wisdom. Mentorship and homage to giants in our field are also key elements of the meeting. Other special highlights include live surgery sessions, on-stage interviews with keynote speakers, and exciting social events. The schedule of talks and events can be found at this link. We have a great team of RETINA Roundup contributors to provide close coverage of the meeting material. Special thanks to Nimesh Patel and Nicolas Yannuzzi for spearheading the coordination of the large crew. Please stay tuned for rapid-fire updates from the field.   RETINA Roundup VBS VI Coverage: 3/27/2018  VBS VI: Historic Delivery of Gene Therapy for LCA 3/27/2018  VBS VI: Surgical Adventures - Curing One Eye at a Time 3/26/2018  VBS VI: Retinaws 3/26/2018  VBS VI: Complications Session 3/26/2018  VBS VI: Women of VBS Breakfast 3/26/2018  VBS VI: Endophthalmitis Session 3/25/2018  VBS VI: Retina Caliente 3/25/2018  VBS VI: Lifetime Mentorship Award: Jay Duker 3/24/2018  VBS VI: Surgical Adventures - Bridging the Gap 3/24/2018  VBS VI: Real World Retina - Practice Management, Private Equity, Advice for Young Retina Specialists 3/24/2018  VBS VI: Medical Retina 3/24/2018  VBS VI: Live Surgery Session 3/23/2018  VBS VI: Fellows' Forray 3/24/2018  VBS VI: Welcome to Miami