Atlantic Coast Retina Club Day 2

Nicolas Yannuzzi Ophthalmology Resident Bascom Palmer Eye Institute A panel of Tim Murray, MIchael Klufas, and Jorge Fortun moderated the live surgery session. Justin Townsend from Bascom Palmer tackled the most challenging case of the day with a diabetic traction retinal detachment (TRD) performing an elegant viscodissection. He was using the DORC EVA system. Mike Klufas commented that his best results with TRDs were with port based limited flow using the 27G vitreous cutter and advocated for starting the dissection by lifting the hyaloid at the disc. Tim Murray commented that he had stepped away from using diathermy for hemostasis and was primarily achieving it with laser and noted that excellent hemostasis is needed if leaving the patient under oil, which can lead to severe perisilicone oil proliferation. IMG_4408.JPG Steve Charles from Memphis performed two epiretinal membrane peels using Brilliant Blue compounded dye and a pinch and peel technique with ILM forceps. He discussed the importance of high infusion pressure during vitrectomy. Dr. Charles used the Alcon Constellation with the Ngenuity viewing system. Thierry Verstraeten from Pittsburgh advocated for no dye in his ERM case. He was using the B&L Stellaris Elite platform. His second case was a myopic patient with vitreous hemorrhage that was initially conservatively managed, until the retina detached. He removed the dense hemorrhage, after which he identified a superior retinal break within lattice degeneration, and he repaired the retinal detachment elegantly. IMG_4409 Llew Rao from Cleveland closed a macular hole using ICG dye diluted with D5. Similar to Dr. Townsend, he was also using the DORC EVA platform. His second case was a patient with vitreous hemorrhage in the setting of proliferative diabetic retinopathy. There was relief when the underlying retina was not detached. Addition laser was applied using a curved lighted laser. RETINA Roundup VBS VI Coverage: 3/27/2018  VBS VI: Historic Delivery of Gene Therapy for LCA 3/27/2018  VBS VI: Surgical Adventures - Curing One Eye at a Time 3/26/2018  VBS VI: Retinaws 3/26/2018  VBS VI: Complications Session 3/26/2018  VBS VI: Women of VBS Breakfast 3/26/2018  VBS VI: Endophthalmitis Session 3/25/2018  VBS VI: Retina Caliente 3/25/2018  VBS VI: Lifetime Mentorship Award: Jay Duker 3/24/2018  VBS VI: Surgical Adventures - Bridging the Gap 3/24/2018  VBS VI: Real World Retina - Practice Management, Private Equity, Advice for Young Retina Specialists 3/24/2018  VBS VI: Medical Retina 3/24/2018  VBS VI: Live Surgery Session 3/23/2018  VBS VI: Fellows' Forray 3/24/2018  VBS VI: Welcome to Miami